Gym members instantly gain access to 100s of perks that can be redeemed at any time.  Perks don't expire, don't have limitations on frequency, and can be redeemed instantly.  From preferred pricing at retail stores to preferred pricing at restaurants, we hand select the perks that motivate your members best!  Encourage your members to submit perk recommendations so that we can make your members happy! 


Members can attain rewards that best motivate themselves.  Each reward must be earned by attending the gym "x" number of times before gaining access to the reward of their choice.  Rewards range from preferred pricing to free items at participating retailers, restaurants, etc.  Gym's can even choose to offer their own specific rewards for members to keep them motivated!

Customer Analytics and Support

GymPerks is able to offer customer analytics showing which perks and rewards are most popular among your members.  Along with this valuable data, each gym is given a customer support manager that is always available for any questions about GymPerks and their offerings.


GymPerks Mobile App

In order to make GymPerks the most convenient for your members, we are in the process of developing a mobile app that will allow your members redeem perks and rewards with their mobile device.  The app will also allow users to check into their gym, select perks and rewards that best fit their needs for motivation, and actively track their progress on certain rewards.  The GymPerks app will be available for download in Summer of 2016.